It’s The Perfect Time For Fun!

It is finally summer, a time of BBQs, ice cream and vacation days! and if you’re looking for a fun place in Boulder to have a blast, come on down to Gateway! With go karts, mini golf and batting cages, Gateway Park is a great place for families, romantic date nights, birthday parties, and large group events! With all of this summer excitement, it is the perfect time to have lots of fun.

If you’ve never been to Gateway before, you’ll love our friendly environment and helpful staff. We are an official visitor information stop for Boulder that can provide you with other great places to visit as well as maps of the surrounding area to help you find your way around town.

School is out, and the kids have all day to run around and have some fun. Gateway is the perfect place to expel some of that energy and have a good time while doing it. After all, Gateway is your perfect one-stop destination for family fun in Boulder. Even the little ones can have fun here on our little go karts, the maze, or the arcade. And any child three or under is free for mini golf!

And people of any age can have plenty of fun during these fun vacation days here at Gateway. Visitors and locals alike can have a great time with their families, friends, dates, or by themselves.

Families of all shapes love to come to Gateway to have fun and relax. Whether it be a run in our maze, a couple swings at the batting cages, or a nice round of mini golf, we have what you need to have a great day.

People have fun here at Gateway all year long, but during the summer there is an extra air of excitement and joy as people from all over the world come to enjoy what we have to offer.

So play on, because summer is the perfect time for fun at Gateway!

Fun Never Tasted So Good

Here at Gateway, people tend to have a lot of fun. And sometimes, all that fun is sure to build up an appetite. Luckily, we can help refill any hungry stomachs with our extensive range of menu items. We have the perfect food item for anyone’s taste buds! Everything tastes pretty amazing too, which is a giant plus. We have everything from the sweet items, like our churros and funnel cakes, to the meaty items, like our hamburgers and corndogs.

Pretzel Sun

And you don’t have to be in the mood to eat an entire family size pizza to get some food- we have plenty of snacks right at our cash register. Fruit snacks, chips, and candy galore!

Ice Cream Cone

We even have a wide variety of drinks as well such as soda, water, juices, sports drinks and more! Because we know that when the weather is hot and the fun is plenty, getting thirsty is very common, we are happy to serve anything that will quench that thirst.

We have so much food that you can even win some candy with the tickets you get by playing some of our fun arcade games!

So play on, because hunger is not a problem when you’re at Gateway!

Rainy Days At Gateway

Who says you can’t have fun in the rain? The rainy season is sweeping in, but here at Gateway we welcome it. Even if it is too wet for a hike in the mountains, or a swim in the Reservoir, it isn’t too wet for a round of miniature golf or a run through in the maze!

Unfortunately, the Go Karts and Batting Cages aren’t open if there’s too much water, but all of our other attractions are still open!


Even once the rain gets a little too cold for your taste, we’ve got you covered! Come on in and warm up with a steamy coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. We also have lots of warm and tasty food, like funnel cakes and corndogs. You could play some arcade games and win some prizes until you’re ready to head out into the “wild” again.

As daunting as it may seem, it is really quite fun! Many other people have taken the pleasure of playing in the rain, and this season is no exception. One family who recently visited Gateway even mentioned to us how much they loved how the weather affected the game.


It is always fun to try new things, so why not try Mini Golf in the rain? We certainly won’t stop you. Just be sure to bundle up so you don’t catch a cold along with all of the fun!

Gateway Employee Corner

It is time for another Gateway Employee Corner! This week we have Theo


Theo is an aspiring young college student who spends his time working, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. He began working here at Gateway Park just over a year ago, and he has enjoyed his time here immensely.

Theo is just about to begin his second year of college. He attends the Colorado School of Mines where he is majoring in Chemical Engineering. During the school year he spends his time away from home with his fraternity, studying first and then maybe a little bit of partying on the side. He finished his first year of college with top marks and is eager to try again.

When summer rolls around Theo returns to his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, and likes to spend the hot summer days working at Gateway. He is also a bit of a music buff, and goes to many concerts. He likes to play video games as well, ranging from Super Smash Brothers to Assassin’s Creed. Theo even has a flare for cooking, and brings new recipes to his family’s plate every day. One of his most recent creations consists of a hamburger with bratwurst meat inside. He calls it, “The Abomination.”

Like many other college and high school students, Theo isn’t completely positive about what he wants to do in the future. However, because of the skilled path he is taking in college, it is completely okay. He is working extra hard so that when he knows what he wants to do, he will already have the degree that will let him do it.

Theo also likes to go to Gateway Park to have fun. His favorite thing to do at Gateway is the driving range. It enhances his golf skills while giving him some peace and tranquility as well.

Mini Golf Sun[8]

Mini Golf at Gateway

What is a summer without some mini golf? If you haven’t gotten your mini golf fix yet, then no worries! Here at Gateway Park we have two mini golf courses, each with 18 holes. Mini golfers can choose either one, or both, and enjoy! We have plenty of unique and fun courses for everyone to enjoy!

Do you enjoy water courses? We have plenty of those on our Castle Course. Or if you prefer to escape from the hot summer sun, try our Windmill Course, because it has plenty of shade. If you can’t make up you mind, just try both! When you buy both together, you get a discount.

2014 spring waterfall 500

Our mini golf is perfect for anyone, young or old. Mini Golf is great for parties, so bring some friends! Or just bring along that special someone for a date. You can even just set a goal and challenge yourself! The possibilities are truly endless!

Mini Golf is just $6.50 for anyone eight or older. Anyone between the ages of four and seven just cost $5.00, and anyone under four is free. When you buy both courses at once, it is only $9.50 for adults, which saves you $3.50. If you’re paying for five or more people, ask about our Value Card, it will save you money.

kids eating ice cream 450

And if you’re still not ready to go home after mini golf, try some of our other attractions, or enjoy some food! We have a wide variety of food, from hamburgers, to ice cream to churros!

So come on by and have some summer fun on our mini golf courses! We are open from 10:00am to 10:00pm all seven days of the week. Don’t let summer pass you by without playing a great game of mini golf!


Value Cards

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here at Gateway Park we want to give you the best deals we can. One of those deals is our Value Card.

The Value Card is a card that can be used in many different ways. It is a punch card, so you can just pick and choose what activities you would like to do. The card comes with thirty punches, and costs $29. It can be used for one person, or a whole family. Every one of our activities is on the card, each with a different value. For example, mini golf is five punches for a person eight or older. So if you have two mini golfers, you can use ten punches for mini golf, then use the other twenty for other things, like go karts, which are six punches per ride. 

But lets say you have three mini golfers, and you want to do go karts as well. You have the fifteen punches for mini golf, but you won’t have enough for go karts, because you’ll need eighteen and only have fifteen left. That’s okay, because you can buy up to four additional punches for just $1 each. To compare, three mini golfs and three go karts adds up to $40.50. The Value Card, along with the three punches extra you’ll need, adds up to only $32. You’re saving $8.50 by using the Value Card. 

But you don’t need to use the Value Card just for mini golf or go karts. It can be used for the human maze, driving range, batting cages, or arcade games as well.

Another great thing about the Value Card is that it doesn’t expire for three years. So if you end up not using the whole card, just bring it back next time you come.

So come stop by Gateway and enjoy the summer with some great summer deals!cropped-945192_10151605958156422_382228491_n1.jpg


Louisville Slugger Independence Day Tournament


Today we’re giving a shout out to one of our favorite summer events. It is time for this year’s Independence Day Tournament! From Wednesday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 6th, come watch one hundred and sixty softball teams compete in a tournament of epic proportions. Teams will play on fields in Boulder, Louisville, and Longmont. High school girls from all over the country will be attending, and you can too! After all, what better way to celebrate Independence Day than by watching a good old American sport?

This softball tournament has been sponsored by Louisville Sluggers ever since the very first tournament, and all the profits go to support Boulder softball players. College coaches even attend this tournament to scout out new players. Last year, 360 elite coaches came out to see these girls play, and they must have been very impressed, because they’re coming back!

Baseball Sun

With over ten fields for girls to play on, there will never be a dull moment! Whether you game hop, or stay for a full seven innings, it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone. And don’t miss the championship games here in Boulder at the Stazio Complex starting at 1:00pm on Sunday. The high-flying balls and amazing catches will captivate any audience for sure. Just make sure to bring some bug spray because just like us, the mosquitos love a good ball game!

If you’re looking for some more information, like weather updates and lodging information, check out their website at

Even though you might not be able to play, it is fun to go and watch! Anyone in the crowd could catch one of those foul balls (wink wink). Plus if inspiration hits in the middle of a home run hit, you can always swing by Gateway Park Fun Center and swing away at our batting cages! We have softball and baseball batting cages alike.

So go out and enjoy our Independence with some hot dogs and softball! We assure you, it’ll be more than worth it!


Gateway Employee Corner

It is time for another Gateway Employee Corner! This week we have Katie


Katie is a fun and easy-going manager here at Gateway Park. She began working at Gateway in 2007, then went to Minnesota for college. She got a partial scholarship to Mcalester for her excellent skills in both softball and academics. Katie spent her time in college majoring in math and statistics while catching for the softball team. She even managed a Noodles and Company while she was there! She recommends the pesto cavatappi with cheese sauce on top, yum! She later returned to Gateway for the great environment and small business experience. Katie wants to own her own business one day, and what better way to start then by working here, at Gateway Park?

Katie loves to play softball on a recreational team, and even coaches one of her own! She uses the batting cages at Gateway Park all the time, and says the fast pitch baseball is her favorite. “The batting cages at Gateway are the perfect place for people of all ages to not only learn how to hit balls, but to then enhance their skills as well,” she confidently says. In addition to hitting the batting cages, Katie loves to spend time with her dog, River. They go on hikes together and when they get tired they go eat some frozen custard, as long as it isn’t chocolate flavored!

Like Katie says, we have great batting cages at Gateway Park, and would love for you to drop by! We have nine different cages, ranging from slow pitch softball to fast pitch baseball. Bats and helmets are provided, completely free! Katie, and all of us employees agree, Gateway Park Fun Center is a great place for families to have fun in Boulder! We’ll see you soon!

Baseball Sun


My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump of feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.

-Hank Aaron

batting cages blue shirt 450

Summer is approaching and if you need to hone your softball or baseball skills Gateway Park is the perfect place to get some practice pitching with your friends or family. Gateway has 10 batting cages ranging from slow pitched softball to fast pitched baseball. So whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran to the sport Gateway can help you out. We offer helmets and bats at no extra charge! Stop by and give your best swing. If you want to learn more about some of the softball opportunities Boulder has to offer check out their website here.

Hit a few pitches on us! Click on the coupon below to redeem.


Planning a Child’s Birthday

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Planning a birthday can be tricky. It can be overwhelming to remember all the little details necessary in order to pull of a seamless birthday party. The best way to start any such task is with a list!

1. Find a time that works:

The most important person at the party is the one having the party! Second most important is the one throwing the party (you!). Plan a time that works for the two of you and the rest will follow.

2. Find a place:

Pick an activity that is fun for everyone. This could be at your house, a restaurant, the movies, a park, or a fun park. Make this a place that is convenient and fun for the invitees.

3. Invitations:

Now that you’ve chosen a time and place, everything else begins to fall into place. The next step is to tell everyone who you are planning to invite where to be and when to meet for the party. If you want to make your life easy check out websites such as and invite everyone over the internet. Although traditional letters are always an option as well.

4. Themes:

Perhaps you want to spice up the party with a theme. Some theme options include, superheroes, dinosaurs, princesses, aquatics, or any of you child’s favorite movies. Party On in Boulder has all the decorations you need for any theme.

5. Food and Cake

The next step is to choose what to eat. Pizza is always the classic option however you have license to get creative with it. Lastly (and perhaps the most important step) one needs to pick out a cake. The options here are limitless, chocolate, vanilla, ice cream cake, red velvet, cupcakes, and fudge to name a few.

At Gateway we want to help you make this process as seamless is as possible. We like to say bring the kids and the cake and we will take care of the rest! We can even get the cake for you if necessary. Check out all the birthday party options Gateway has to offer here. With many customizable options you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call and we can help set you up with the perfect birthday party!