What a week!


Well it looks like the heavy rain is gone! (Knock on wood) We hope that everyone made it through safe and sound. Thank you to all the emergency personnel for your hard work. We were happy to have you in our parking lot. For all of those who were impacted by the storm, we wish the best to all of you.

If you are interested in donating to flood relief you can check out Foothills United Way Flood Relief here.


Gateway Park was fortunate enough to dodge most of the storm. All attractions are up and running. Stop by!

Tomato Tasting

Tomato Tasting 2


Last Saturday Gateway was proud to host the third annual Tomato Tasting Event. The event was hosted by the Harlequin’s Gardens and Colorado State University. There was a plethora of varying colors and tastes of tomatoes, with a selection of over 100 different types! If you missed out this year we hope to see you next year, and don’t forget to start growing some of your own tomatoes for next years event!