Customer Appreciation Day




“Hey Gateway Fans – Here’s a salute to you! This Saturday and Sunday, come to Gateway Park and receive a free ice cream cone with any purchase. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for another great season to all of YOU who support us.  Take advantage of one of our last warm weather weekends – stop in, have some fun and eat some ice cream.  What could be better?” One Cone per customer per visit, while supplies last.




Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it looks like Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some facts about the origin of Halloween you might not have known:

-The word Halloween originates from the term All Hallows’ Eve, which was a time when the Celtic countries would ward off bad spirits to help their crops during the harvest.

-Halloween only began to make its appearance in main stream culture till the early 20th century. The tradition was brought to America in large part through the Irish and Scottish!

-Jack-‘O-lanterns were used to scare off evil sprits during all Hallows’ eve by people known as Guisers.

-When trick or treating originates from a tradition where people would carry the Jack-O’-Lanterns from door to door of the rich and be rewarded with fruit cakes or money, unlike the candy we get today!

-Apple bobbing is also a Scotish tradition but its roots go back to Roman times.

Gateway will be open, swing by and show off your awesome costume and get some candy. Hope to see you there!


Halloween (Photo credit: gaudiramone)


Join Phil-and-Thropy



You can help support flood relief by playing some awesome games at Gateway Fun Park! We have teamed up with The Community Foundation’s Culture of Giving movement. While playing games at Gateway, we all know that you can win tickets. However now with those tickets kids and adults alike can choose to “buy” with their tickets a yellow ball that goes into the flood relief bow. Each time the bowl is filled $100 dollars will be donated through The Community Foundation to Boulder County flood relief efforts. This is a great opportunity for kids to give!


Find out more information about the Community Foundation Here: