Planning a Child’s Birthday

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Planning a birthday can be tricky. It can be overwhelming to remember all the little details necessary in order to pull of a seamless birthday party. The best way to start any such task is with a list!

1. Find a time that works:

The most important person at the party is the one having the party! Second most important is the one throwing the party (you!). Plan a time that works for the two of you and the rest will follow.

2. Find a place:

Pick an activity that is fun for everyone. This could be at your house, a restaurant, the movies, a park, or a fun park. Make this a place that is convenient and fun for the invitees.

3. Invitations:

Now that you’ve chosen a time and place, everything else begins to fall into place. The next step is to tell everyone who you are planning to invite where to be and when to meet for the party. If you want to make your life easy check out websites such as and invite everyone over the internet. Although traditional letters are always an option as well.

4. Themes:

Perhaps you want to spice up the party with a theme. Some theme options include, superheroes, dinosaurs, princesses, aquatics, or any of you child’s favorite movies. Party On in Boulder has all the decorations you need for any theme.

5. Food and Cake

The next step is to choose what to eat. Pizza is always the classic option however you have license to get creative with it. Lastly (and perhaps the most important step) one needs to pick out a cake. The options here are limitless, chocolate, vanilla, ice cream cake, red velvet, cupcakes, and fudge to name a few.

At Gateway we want to help you make this process as seamless is as possible. We like to say bring the kids and the cake and we will take care of the rest! We can even get the cake for you if necessary. Check out all the birthday party options Gateway has to offer here. With many customizable options you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call and we can help set you up with the perfect birthday party!


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