Louisville Slugger Independence Day Tournament


Today we’re giving a shout out to one of our favorite summer events. It is time for this year’s Independence Day Tournament! From Wednesday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 6th, come watch one hundred and sixty softball teams compete in a tournament of epic proportions. Teams will play on fields in Boulder, Louisville, and Longmont. High school girls from all over the country will be attending, and you can too! After all, what better way to celebrate Independence Day than by watching a good old American sport?

This softball tournament has been sponsored by Louisville Sluggers ever since the very first tournament, and all the profits go to support Boulder softball players. College coaches even attend this tournament to scout out new players. Last year, 360 elite coaches came out to see these girls play, and they must have been very impressed, because they’re coming back!

Baseball Sun

With over ten fields for girls to play on, there will never be a dull moment! Whether you game hop, or stay for a full seven innings, it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone. And don’t miss the championship games here in Boulder at the Stazio Complex starting at 1:00pm on Sunday. The high-flying balls and amazing catches will captivate any audience for sure. Just make sure to bring some bug spray because just like us, the mosquitos love a good ball game!

If you’re looking for some more information, like weather updates and lodging information, check out their website at http://www.bouldersoftball.org/Indy_home.htm

Even though you might not be able to play, it is fun to go and watch! Anyone in the crowd could catch one of those foul balls (wink wink). Plus if inspiration hits in the middle of a home run hit, you can always swing by Gateway Park Fun Center and swing away at our batting cages! We have softball and baseball batting cages alike.

So go out and enjoy our Independence with some hot dogs and softball! We assure you, it’ll be more than worth it!


Gateway Employee Corner

It is time for another Gateway Employee Corner! This week we have Katie


Katie is a fun and easy-going manager here at Gateway Park. She began working at Gateway in 2007, then went to Minnesota for college. She got a partial scholarship to Mcalester for her excellent skills in both softball and academics. Katie spent her time in college majoring in math and statistics while catching for the softball team. She even managed a Noodles and Company while she was there! She recommends the pesto cavatappi with cheese sauce on top, yum! She later returned to Gateway for the great environment and small business experience. Katie wants to own her own business one day, and what better way to start then by working here, at Gateway Park?

Katie loves to play softball on a recreational team, and even coaches one of her own! She uses the batting cages at Gateway Park all the time, and says the fast pitch baseball is her favorite. “The batting cages at Gateway are the perfect place for people of all ages to not only learn how to hit balls, but to then enhance their skills as well,” she confidently says. In addition to hitting the batting cages, Katie loves to spend time with her dog, River. They go on hikes together and when they get tired they go eat some frozen custard, as long as it isn’t chocolate flavored!

Like Katie says, we have great batting cages at Gateway Park, and would love for you to drop by! We have nine different cages, ranging from slow pitch softball to fast pitch baseball. Bats and helmets are provided, completely free! Katie, and all of us employees agree, Gateway Park Fun Center is a great place for families to have fun in Boulder! We’ll see you soon!

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