Value Cards

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here at Gateway Park we want to give you the best deals we can. One of those deals is our Value Card.

The Value Card is a card that can be used in many different ways. It is a punch card, so you can just pick and choose what activities you would like to do. The card comes with thirty punches, and costs $29. It can be used for one person, or a whole family. Every one of our activities is on the card, each with a different value. For example, mini golf is five punches for a person eight or older. So if you have two mini golfers, you can use ten punches for mini golf, then use the other twenty for other things, like go karts, which are six punches per ride. 

But lets say you have three mini golfers, and you want to do go karts as well. You have the fifteen punches for mini golf, but you won’t have enough for go karts, because you’ll need eighteen and only have fifteen left. That’s okay, because you can buy up to four additional punches for just $1 each. To compare, three mini golfs and three go karts adds up to $40.50. The Value Card, along with the three punches extra you’ll need, adds up to only $32. You’re saving $8.50 by using the Value Card. 

But you don’t need to use the Value Card just for mini golf or go karts. It can be used for the human maze, driving range, batting cages, or arcade games as well.

Another great thing about the Value Card is that it doesn’t expire for three years. So if you end up not using the whole card, just bring it back next time you come.

So come stop by Gateway and enjoy the summer with some great summer deals!cropped-945192_10151605958156422_382228491_n1.jpg


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