Fun Never Tasted So Good

Here at Gateway, people tend to have a lot of fun. And sometimes, all that fun is sure to build up an appetite. Luckily, we can help refill any hungry stomachs with our extensive range of menu items. We have the perfect food item for anyone’s taste buds! Everything tastes pretty amazing too, which is a giant plus. We have everything from the sweet items, like our churros and funnel cakes, to the meaty items, like our hamburgers and corndogs.

Pretzel Sun

And you don’t have to be in the mood to eat an entire family size pizza to get some food- we have plenty of snacks right at our cash register. Fruit snacks, chips, and candy galore!

Ice Cream Cone

We even have a wide variety of drinks as well such as soda, water, juices, sports drinks and more! Because we know that when the weather is hot and the fun is plenty, getting thirsty is very common, we are happy to serve anything that will quench that thirst.

We have so much food that you can even win some candy with the tickets you get by playing some of our fun arcade games!

So play on, because hunger is not a problem when you’re at Gateway!

Rainy Days At Gateway

Who says you can’t have fun in the rain? The rainy season is sweeping in, but here at Gateway we welcome it. Even if it is too wet for a hike in the mountains, or a swim in the Reservoir, it isn’t too wet for a round of miniature golf or a run through in the maze!

Unfortunately, the Go Karts and Batting Cages aren’t open if there’s too much water, but all of our other attractions are still open!


Even once the rain gets a little too cold for your taste, we’ve got you covered! Come on in and warm up with a steamy coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. We also have lots of warm and tasty food, like funnel cakes and corndogs. You could play some arcade games and win some prizes until you’re ready to head out into the “wild” again.

As daunting as it may seem, it is really quite fun! Many other people have taken the pleasure of playing in the rain, and this season is no exception. One family who recently visited Gateway even mentioned to us how much they loved how the weather affected the game.


It is always fun to try new things, so why not try Mini Golf in the rain? We certainly won’t stop you. Just be sure to bundle up so you don’t catch a cold along with all of the fun!